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SOHA Technologies is the company that specializes in recruiting, consulting and placement services for:

  • Agile Project Manager
  • Agile Scrum Master
  • Agile Business Analyst

Agile Project Manager focuses on continuous improvement, team input, flexibility, and finishing projects according to the schedule.

Agile Scrum Master is there to make sure that development team works together towards reaching a common goal and resolving the problems in order to improve productivity of the entire business. One of the key principles of Scrum is motivating team and increase their ability to deliver quickly and respond effectively to emerging requirements.

Agile Business Analyst provides detailed analysis of your business and works towards identifying the problems and proposing the solutions to resolve them. Activities performed by agile business analysts are:

  • Definition, review, and analysis of workflows and business processes
  • Identifying problems and creating solutions
  • Recommendations of process designs and architecture
  • Assistance in design, development and deployment processes and much more.

Business analyst services provided by SOHA Technologies include:

  • Short-Term
  • Long-Term contracts
  • Direct Hire.

Our company is the best in the business when it comes to finding the right IT candidates for various companies. We stand out due to implementation of agile methodology which is beneficial for your business because:

  • Customer satisfaction is the priority
  • One of the objectives of the company is the continuous delivery of useful software
  • The key to success of business is the close collaboration between all aspects of certain business
  • Hard-working and creative individuals are identifies and projects are created around people who can be trusted
  • Sustainable development – maintenance of constant pace
  • One of the priorities is the continuous attention to design and technical excellence.
  • Improves organizational skills within the team.

Majority of companies on the market do not implement agile methodology which means they are unable to precisely analyze your business and propose adequate solutions. Here is how it works:

  • Defining goals and making sure all aspects of the business are familiar with them
  • Product or service estimation
  • Thorough planning and clarifying requirements needed to solve certain issue
  • Estimating tasks which have to be done in order to reach certain goal
  • Creating collaborative workplace
  • Implementing all steps above, making the plan work
  • Tracking progress regularly
  • Finishing all tasks in timely manner, sooner the better
  • Review, reflect, repeat.

Additionally, provide extra knowledge for your staff as well by hiring our IT experts to train your employees and make sure they become more productive.

Satisfaction of our clients is the most important goal and we strive to achieve it by constantly improving the way we work on our projects. We use every opportunity to evolve and by hiring business analysts or IT experts from our company, your business can evolve as well.

If you are interested in short-term or long-term contracts, direct hire, or you want training for your staff, feel free to contact us via phone or the contact form provided on our website. Our company is the perfect combination of great and highly skilled experts and the latest technology that can only be beneficial for your business.

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